Along For The Ride

Despite my best efforts of concentrating on my current starting lineup, my ADD mind insists that I entertain thoughts of other projects.

I’m at the point now where I just go along for the ride.

(new science fiction short story number one)
I came up with the original idea for this story about four years ago. It dealt with the topic of imagination and imaginary friends. I immediately didn’t like how I handled the topic, so I left it stranded on my hard drive. Just last week, during one of my writing walks, it found its way back into my consciousness, bringing with it a different perspective. In less than a mile, I knew I had the potential for a much better story. You’ll probably see it in my starting lineup fairly soon, whether I’m finished with my current projects or not.

(new science fiction short story number two)
This story’s original idea isn’t as old as the imaginary friend story, but I let it fade from conscious thought because of my unhappiness in how I dealt with the topic (which I’m not going to share just yet because I’m not sure anyone else has touched it before). After my mind insisted I reevaluate the actual purpose of this story, a few new ideas came to me, so this is probably another one that’ll end up in my starting lineup before I planned.

There are probably more postponed or otherwise forgotten stories lurking on the edge of my consciousness, but enough is enough!

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Two-Wheeled Memories

While cleaning out my storage bins and shed spaces these past two days, I came across a mountain bike I bought in the mid-to-late 90s.

I rode it almost every day for many years, but it got to the point where I broke it faster than I could fix it. I finally decommissioned it somewhere in the mid 2000s, and regrettably forgot about it.

Seeing it sitting there in its inactive state reminded me of the great rides and the spectacular crashes we shared together. I still smile when I think about the day my classmates sweated over their final exam; I rode that bike into the classroom, dropped off my final paper, and rode back out without dismounting. It was also on the seat of that bike where I came up with the idea for one of my most unlikely of published works, Suburbia Hell 10K.

The bike, in its current shape, is truly beyond my ability to fix, so I have since donated it to someone who will most likely give it a new life. It is my most sincerest desire that whoever climbs aboard it next will have as much fun and will be granted as many pleasant memories on it as I enjoyed.

Ride on!

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Derailmenistic Eventulations

My artistic schedule suffered derailment by a number of different events these past few weeks. And, if certain things keep going the way they are now, I will be experiencing even more unwanted derailments in the coming days.

How and why I allowed those derailments up to this point is for me to learn from and correct.

Suffice it to say, I completely understand and accept that many of these derailments were unintentional. Unrelated actions, causing unexpected ripples, by people unaware of my existence. It happens. It’s a product of the function of the Universe. That’s why I often refer to Life as an obstacle course.

What I do not accept are the actions and attitudes of those who intentionally aimed derailing ripples at me.

But, I do understand their weak position in Life. For whatever reason, they perceived me as a threat to whatever it is they want to do.

What they don’t understand is that their efforts at derailing me only adds to my awareness, my knowledge, my determination…to the point where they’ll never be able to defeat me.

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Little. Free. Cool Idea!

I’ve seen mention of the Little Free Library concept quite a bit lately. Personally, I think this is one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen in a while.

Little Free Libraries are basically a box with one or two shelves for books, usually with a transparent doorway to protect the books from the elements, placed approximately at eye level in front of a house or along a city street. The concept is fairly easy: if you see a book you like, take it and read it, then bring it back when you’re done…although some people simply replace the book they took with one from their personal collection that they’d like to share.

I suspected that having these boxes is a big deal for some communities, but glancing at the map on gave me a better idea of just how popular the concept really is.

Unfortunately, the closest Little Free Library to me is not at a convenient distance, so it crossed my mind that I might like to build and maintain my own one of these days….to the point where I added the project to my
bucket list!

Stocking my new Little Free Library will not be a problem for me.

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ANNOUNCEMENT! Read My eBooks On Scribd

Through a new business arrangement with Smashwords, my eBooks are now available to read on Scribd!

In short, Scribd is an online library where subscribers can read as many online books as they desire for as long as their subscription lasts.


(And, of course, don’t forget to get your subscription!)

I’ve got a one year subscription, and I plan on reading as much as my dyslexic mind can handle!

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Out-Of-Medium Experience

My 17 year old son was watching an Eminem compilation video on YouTube this morning while he was getting ready for school.

He happened to notice I paused my morning activities long enough to watch a portion of it.

His knowing me as someone who really isn’t into rap gave him cause for surprise at what I was doing.

I was pleased he understood my reasoning.

As a writer, I find myself drawn towards how other artists (regardless of their medium or genre) perform their craft. And, it’s not out of a sense of obligation to my craft that I do this, but because I am a creature of curiosity (which is a characteristic of mine that has intensified over the years because of my craft). The time I invest in checking out someone else’s paintings or photographs or songs or videos—and, of course, writings—has led me to uncover and tap into some fantastic and otherwise unknown veins of creativity within me, which almost always leads to some new project I want to undertake (and not necessarily a writing project).

Maybe, this is the reason my list of stories in waiting is so huge.

And I consider that a good problem to have.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Diesel eBooks Is Closing Shop

About a month and a half ago, I reported the unfortunate news that the Sony Reader Store would soon be no more.

Now, I have the unfortunate task of reporting the same about Diesel. READ ABOUT IT HERE.

For those who have purchased any of my eBooks from Diesel, you have until the end of March to download them. I apologize for the short notice, but I just now found out about it. If I have any more news to report about their closing, I’ll post it here.

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