Have You Seen This Past Month?

Just out of curiosity…what the hell happened to August?

Normally, I track a month by how many accomplishments I was able to pull off within its temporal confines. Not just within the realm of writing, but with pretty much whatever it is I’m doing during that period of my life.

So, earlier today, when I realized that none of my most recent goals were met and only a small handful of my minor tasks were completed, the logical art of my mind told me, “No biggie, it’s still early in the month. I’ve got plenty of time.”

But the calendar told me otherwise.

August is almost over? And I only accomplished a small fraction over squat?

How I managed to blow through the entire month with only fragments to show for is for me to interpret in a more private setting.

Which I have already done.

Maybe these tales and woes will make a great story or two someday.

But, during this time of reflection, I thought I saw August in my rear view mirror, shrugging its shoulders and holding its hands out, calling to me, “What happened to you?”

Being that our lives don’t have a reverse gear, I’m instead turning my sights back to the road in front of me, while keeping one eye out for all the opportunities and roadside attractions that September has to offer.

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Deeper Digging Links

I am offering this list of links to my writing friends. Being that these were written for people in the business world, you might have to dig a bit deeper to connect with their writing-related benefits, but the effort will be (as it was for me) well worth it.

Three Common Storytelling Mistakes To Avoid
Although originally aimed at those who give business talks, these tips can easily be adapted by fiction writers. I, personally, violate at least one of the bullet points. I’m just not going to say which one.

5 Reasons You Should Hang Out With People Who Are Different From You
One of the most important lessons I learned in life, and ultimately for my writing career, was to expand my perspective and my own comfort level. Fortunately for me, I realized (and agreed with) their benefits early on. Way back when, I put one of my novel-length manuscripts on the shelf because I decided I didn’t have nearly enough life experience with the social issues involved and referenced to write that story, then I made sure I spent the next several years immersing myself in those very issues. Just recently, I renewed my work on this story, and (in my not necessarily humble opinion) I feel I now bring much more experience-laced credibility to the story, which is already (again, in my not necessarily humble opinion) leading to a much better story.

Innovation: Mind the Gap
The connection between this article and fiction writing (in its conventional sense) might not be so clear. However, I had a not-so-conventional pre-existing thought. My first read-through reacquainted me with that very pre-existing thought: a writing-related business idea I came up with a few years ago (which I’ve done next to nothing with because I’m still not convinced it will be worth the effort). Now, armed with the insight of this article, I find myself with an ambition-drenched incentive for digging deeper into my idea. And, while I flesh out the concept’s details (keeping in mind the overall plan still might not be workable), I am also going to view my conventional story-telling ideas through the eyes of this article’s advice (which I have reason to believe will be incredibly workable).

And, to what should be the surprise of absolutely nobody who knows me, I now have an urge to do some fiction writing. Enjoy the links!

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Everyone in my family is at least borderline exceptional with a rifle.

Except me.

I am exponentially better with handguns.

No idea how that happened.

This factoid has motivated me to add a very specific goal to my Bucket List:

Purchase and master a handgun

With a great number of obstacles in my life, I’ve not thought about this goal in quite some time. In fact, revisiting the list yesterday reminded me of an incident that taught me to curb my beliefs in assuming I will earn ‘expert’ handgun status just by showing up.

I picked up my youngest son at a friend’s house one night. This particular family had a variety of pellet guns in their collection, and they offered me the opportunity to fire a few shots with the gun of my choice.

I, of course, chose a handgun. Duh.

From the other end of the driveway, in the dark, I pinged the basketball pole with consecutive shots.

No biggie for me.

Seconds later, my son’s friend rode past me on a skateboard, pulled out a pellet handgun, and hit the pole while on the move.

That’s when I decided I really should up my handgun game.

Although…to pull off the same shot my son’s friend made, I’d need to up my skateboard riding game.

I’d actually need to learn how to ride a skateboard, first.

You won’t be seeing that on my my Bucket List anytime soon.

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Two New Bucket Items

If you’ve visited my Bucket List page recently, you might have noticed I’ve added two new entries:

In the Travel column: Visit potential places I’ve considered moving to: Tempe / Mesa / Phoenix / Scottsdale, Arizona
I made mention recently that I was considering relocating to a warmer climate, and a cousin who lives in Arizona pitched to me her new state of residence. As it just so happens, Arizona was on my short list briefly the last time I got the itch to move. I’ll just remember to bring plenty of sunscreen and bottled water when I go.

In the Achievements column: Increase my math skills to at least the college Calculus level
Some people who know me will ‘get’ why this is one of the least likely bucket list items I could ever strive for, but I have personal reasons. I even plan to write a Bloggathah entry about it one of these days.

In the coming days    weeks    months whenever, I will post some Bucket List updates.

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I’m convinced that, at some point during the last two weeks, I’ve completely forgotten how to write.

I struggled with the same two cover letters and the same ‘audition’ essay for days.

I’ve reworded and rearranged the same passages in one of my stories at least a dozen times.

I have almost a dozen versions of my newest About The Author blurb, and all of them suck.

And my transcribed notes over the last few sessions might as well be written in Sanskrit, because I have no idea what my own words mean.

But, I will say that I’ve not forgotten to sit down at least once a day and write something That’s how my writing ‘memory’ will come back to me.

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Where I Digitally Am

It occurred to me (after somebody else mentioned it) that I have several web presences that some people don’t even know exist.

That’s an easily correctable issue. Behold my new list…

My main writing blog. This site also contains a link to my Bookshelf, a list of all my published works.

I also have a writing presence on Facebook. This is not necessarily a mirror to the writing-related information I post on Bloggathah; I am notorious for posting different content on all my different sites, so check here periodically as well.

This site is more to accommodate my software development life, but I thought it might be worth sharing it here as well.

I have self-published several of my stories in electronic form. They reside in a great many places throughout cyberspace, but Smashwords is the company I go through for that beneficial level of distribution.

Amazon is another great way for me to distribute my e-books.

I like Scribd because, through a distribution agreement with Smashwords, they make my stories available for reading to a much broader audience.

Because this list will grow and change with each additional step I take during my writing career (eventually rendering some of the links on this post obsolete), you can find the current list right here on this very website.

And, now…if you don’t mind, I am going to get back to the very function that made this list possible…writing.

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The Existence You Desire

Pick one thing or event or situation in your life that eats away your time and your soul, that exists despite your most determined efforts to rid yourself of it…

…that which exists because you, against your own better judgment, against your own belief system, against your own sense of pride and self-preservation, still willingly feed.

Now…imagine a time where you heed your own wise judgment, where you honor your own convictions, and you show the Universe how serious you are about you

What you see during that time is the existence you desire.

Ceasing to feed the killing darkness you’ve reluctantly—mournfully—lovingly—kept alive for so long will cause more pain. This darkness will employ every dirty and unfair method it can to stay alive, including making you doubt your own judgment, disavow your own beliefs, deprecate your own self-worth.

I know these things.

I also know what it is like to taste that first drop of the existence I desire.

The existence my receding darkness didn’t want me to experience.

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