PROGRESS REPORT – All the Time in the World

Yeah, yeah, yeah…it seems like it’s taken me all the time in the world to get this story as far as it currently is.

  • I’ve still got a few apparent inconsistencies with my temporal concepts to flesh out.
  • I’ve got a bit more reading to do concerning alternate time line theories.
  • I’ve been enhancing my main character’s psychological profile. And, since that sort of work leads to new and improved ideas of how to really screw up your character psychologically, I’ve been given him a few obstacles to climb through. I’m even in the process of choreographing a ‘fight’ scene for him to deal with.
  • But, I’m not completely unmerciful. I gave my main character some playmates. One wants to rewire his ‘faulty’ neurology, and the other attempts to sell him out every chance he can.

Yep…if my main character were real and standing right here, he would no doubt try to kick my ass.

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Manufactured Impromptuism

I read an article the other day that suggested the average person creates fewer revelational—or even renovational—ideas while confining themselves to their desk or other standard place of work. In other words…great ideas are more likely to ‘come to you’ while you’re mowing your lawn or taking a walk or partaking in any other number of activities where you’re habit-bound towards turning your mind off instead of letting it breathe and expand.

I already know how this works, and it’s the reason I carry a digital audio recorder with me.

But, I’ve noticed lately that this ‘tendency’ doesn’t happen as often as I would like it to. So, naturally, my next move was to ask myself: is the scenario of having ideas materialize out of nowhere a condition I can create as I see fit? As it just so happens, I’m approaching my four consecutive days off part of my schedule, so I’m thinking about using one of those days to hop on my bike, carrying pens, paper, and maybe something to munch on, and pedal someplace I’ve never been to.

My only concern with this plan is: considering that I’d be ‘manufacturing’ the condition, it’s possible that my subconscious will see no difference between sitting at my desk with the express purpose of writing and sitting under a tree or on a park bench with the express purpose of writing. Ergo: I could end up blocking the very impromptu thoughts I’m looking for.

But it’s not going to stop me from conducting this experiment. At the very least, I should get a good bike ride out of the deal. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

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Bike Bits

I’ve mentioned this before: I’ve rediscovered my love for bike riding.

I’ll let you decide for yourself how far I’ve taken it.


I have recently acquired a second used 26” mountain bike. In its original form, this bike was a higher performance bike than what I currently ride, except that this thing has been sitting out in the elements for (from what I’ve been told) the past 3+ years. I could tell immediately. Both gear shifters are stuck, the rear brake doesn’t work at all, the seat adjuster is jammed, and the air stem caps crumbled to pieces between my fingers. I’m still convinced it will be a good bike once I get it back into shape, but it might take a while.


If I’m going to play the part of a bike refurbisher, I’m going to need the parts. Well, as it just so happened, the last time I was in a bike shop, I saw a stand that is used to fork on bikes. Obviously, the shop itself wouldn’t sell the stand to me, so I’m considering getting one for myself…shortly after I get all the tools I need.


My current total of bikes at my house stands at three (in varying states of operability)…and yet I’m making plans next week to pick up a few more.


There will no doubt be a follow-up to this post at some point.

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I was just about to post an update about one of my stories.

I was going to say something about how this story was taking much longer than it should because of how I’ve been bouncing around from this story to other stories then back to this story.

I was going to reveal that I’ve recently decided to focus almost exclusively on this story, ensuring it is ready for at least the critique phase before I touch another.

But, then I realized it would be a much better pursuit if I examined why exactly I’m tightening the focus on my writing efforts.

It’s a simple reason. I’m not getting anything out to market. Can’t entertain people and make new fans (or keep my current fans entertained, for that matter!) if I don’t release any new material.

To put it simply and bluntly, my level of output sucks.

I can keep blaming the unfortunate incidences that have been plaguing me the last few years, but the fact is that my tendency to bounce around from project to project has been going on much longer than that.

My case of attention deficit disorder has been with me since the beginning.

But, I don’t want to keep using that as an excuse either.

I’d rather make fun of it.

Feel free to take offense to my approach if you wish, but keep in mind that this graphic is me on some days. Laughing at myself frees me up to laugh at others approach my condition (and its negative effects on what I want to accomplish) with a more positive attitude…

…which has led me to discover that demanding myself that I focus on one story at a time just might be my solution to becoming a more prolific writer.

Might. And, if this tactic isn’t successful (to the point where my list of ‘works in progress’ is longer than most of my novels), I will regroup and come up with a different plan of attack. This is one battle I will fight forever.

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Secured Lessons

A fellow writer friend of mine, Richard Flores IV, wrote a blog post back in March that caught my curiosity: “Eight Things I’ve Learned about Writing from Working Security.” The only reason I didn’t delve into it very deeply when it was posted was its timing: back in March, I was still getting used to the fact that I was actually working in the security profession (leaning more towards the “What the hell was I thinking?” mindset).

Three months later, I’d like to believe I’ve gotten better at what I’m doing, to the point where I’m not just striving to figure out what I’m doing, but how I can do it better. In other words: I felt as if I was finally comfortable and confident in identifying myself as a security officer.

And that’s when I decided it was time to revisit Richard’s post.

Eight Things I’ve Learned about Writing from Working Security

I definitely see the similarities. Some of them are frighteningly similar. Especially the ‘underpaid’ part.

I can do something about that…in both professions, if I’m good enough.

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Sonic Resumption

I’ve unfortunately gotten away from sharing music that I enjoy, so I’d like to rectify my negligence by offering up two selections that I’ve been playing quite frequently, and another that, once the entire album is released, will also get plenty of playing time.

Serdce – “Timelessness”
I enjoy the unpredictable in my music, which is why songs and albums bearing heavy doses of technicality and experimentation often appeal to me. And, if a band can add adrenaline into the mix like Serdce did on this disc, all the better.
Listen to the entire album!

Opeth – “Pale Communion”
I’m thinking that the subconscious-driven reason I’ve been hesitant to post anything about this album is because I did not feel like participating in the whinefest of how Opeth changed and devolved from their glory days sound of progressive death metal to a regurgitation of 70s prog rock. I’ll say it straight up: a couple of my favorite albums of all time are Opeth at their progressive death metal best, but you should know that I got my start as a musical fanatic with 70s progressive rock, and “Pale Communion” is far from a regurgitated sound; in fact, I’ll even go so far as to say that, if “Pale Communion” had been released in the 70s, it would have progged its way very close to the forefront of my attention span. And, considering how much incredible music there was to choose from during the 70s, that would have been an impressive feat.
Listen to the entire album!

Between the Buried and Me – “Coma Ecliptic”
I just recently discovered this band. What took me so long? No idea. Regardless…I was surprised to see they have a fairly good sized discography, so I now have plenty of music to check out. And, when “Coma Ecliptic” is finally released, I can happily add it to my Between the Burird and Me playlist.
Listen to “Memory Palace”

Let the sonic festivities resume!

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I was introduced to a quote back in my junior high days that made a whole lot of sense to me:

”If you have nothing to say, say nothing.”
~ Mark Twain

(Personally, I’d like to see a great number of other people embrace its wisdom, but that’s a different story.)

I’ve applied this saying to my blogging quite a bit lately.

…in case you were wondering why I haven’t been posting much lately.

As it is turning out, though, many of the obstacles in my ‘real’ world have been overcome and/or sufficiently dealt with, so I now have a lot more time and energy for my writing.

Which means I’ll have a lot more to say on my blog.

Preferably…more publishing announcements.

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