Feels Good

After long last, and after way too many obstacles and blindsides, I’ve returned to a more active writing lifestyle.

Yeah, it feels good to be back.

But, why did I stop? What was I doing all this time? What derailed my attention and my soul in such a damaging way? Why didn’t I tell anybody what was happening?

Those are questions I might revisit and answer in some form, one of these days. But, for the time being, I’m planning to have some fun with this.

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The Jersey Tells The Story

Anyone who knows me knows I like sports. Hell, if you’ve been following this blog long enough, you know that fact. So, as you might expect, I have an assortment of T-shirts and hats that praise my favorite teams. But, one thing I do not have are team jerseys.

Here’s why. I have what some people consider a very odd attitude towards wearing jerseys: I will not wear another man’s number. A sense of pride in who I am? Probably. But, the simple fact is that I won’t.

With one huge exception…


This is a throwback jersey of the Baltimore Colt’s great quarterback, Johnny Unitas.

I came to possess this jersey quite by accident.

Except…I don’t believe in accidents. The straight-to-the-point reason this jersey ended up in my hands was because I wanted it.

Why? I was never a Baltimore Colts fan. But, my dad was. I remember him telling me stories about some of their great teams in the past, and especially the exploits of his personal favorite Colt, Johnny Unitas.

Bingo! I knew the second I touched that jersey why it made its way to me, and decided right then and there that I would put it on a hanger and not wear it until my dad’s birthday.

Which is today.

Happy birthday, dad! If you were still with us, this jersey would be on your back. But, the next best way I can honor you on your day is wear your favorite player’s jersey in public all day to let everyone know where my enjoyment for sports came from…and I’ve already told the story about every aspect of your influence on me to three strangers so far today.

Love you!

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