LINK – The Amazing Benefits of Creative Time

Those of us in the arts already know this…

The Amazing Benefits of Creative Time

…but I’ve not heard of Google’s 20% Rule until today. Mournfully, there are probably very few companies who would subscribe to anything close to this rule. Fortunately for me, because I dwell within the artistic realm, the vast majority of my life is ‘creative time,’ so my version of the 20% Rule tends to operate more along the lines of 80%. That might explain why I’m experiencing a number of unexpected ‘benefits’ in my life right now.

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PROGRESS REPORT – The Story That An Alien Told Me To Write

Since scribbling down the last word on November 29, 2014, the marble notebook that contains my first-ever NaNoWriMo exploits has been sitting on my shelf, screaming for me to bring its story to life. I came close to doing just that a few times over the months, but last week I finally got talked into pulling it off the shelf and starting the transcription process.

An alien told me to do it.

Kind of.

The same alien species that causes so much heartburn in the NaNoWriMo story is also present in my work in progress, “All the Time in the World.” What I realized—excuse me, what the alien explained to me—is that, by transcribing the NaNoWriMo story, I could use the experience as a world building / character sketch exercise that has the potential for benefitting both stories.

Sounded like an excellent opportunity to me…regardless of who came up with the idea.

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LINK – State Of The Indie Nation

This is for all my fellow indie writers out there.

The Creative Penn recently interviewed Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, and captured some interesting thoughts on what Mark thinks about the current state of the indie writing and publishing business.

State Of The Indie Nation

It is my hope that every fellow writer who reads this will get something useful out of it. I know I did.

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A Few Goals

Time to list out a few goals for the upcoming week.

Or…the upcoming next two weeks, depending on how long it takes me to remember I actually wrote down a list of goals.

1) Finish typing up the stray scenes for “All the Time in the World”

2) Finish editing at least the first two ‘verses’ in Metzgerhund Empire

3) Get at least one more of my shorter pieces back into submission

4) Make progress with some of my intended promotional materials

5) Make the shelf adjustment to my desk that I’ve been meaning to make

That should keep me busy for a while.

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By Any Other Name

I have found myself watching a lot of football lately.

Many of my readers will know the game I’m referring to as soccer.

As you can see, I’m getting better at calling the game by the name used by the rest of the world, particularly when I’m in an international setting such as cyberspace. But, don’t misinterpret: amongst my friends and familiar cast of characters, I still call our version of football by the name we all grew up calling it.

Borussia Dortmund

For the uninitiated, there are four version of football that I watch:

American rules football
This game’s roots in the game of rugby are obvious. Although this game is more structured and there is a stoppage of play after every ‘down’ to allow both the offense and defense to call a new play, it is highly strategic and features furious bursts of energy.

Canadian rules football
Based on American rules football, but with a longer and wider field, three downs instead of four, and a few other odd variations.


Australian rules football
This game has the non-stop action of ‘global’ football and the collisions that you see in rugby / American football.

Global rules football
This is the most widely played game on this planet. Also referred to by the aforementioned name of ‘soccer.’ I’m not sure anyone else uses the term ‘global,’ and I’m not expecting it to catch on, but it is the term I use in my fiction writing.

NOTE: I did not include Arena football, mainly because I really don’t watch it…but it does somewhat resemble some of the games my friends and I played in basketball gyms and abandoned buildings.

DC United

I run into and interact with a lot of people who truly don’t see my need to be this ‘politically correct’ about referring to soccer as football.

Personally, I would be OK if they would see my move as ‘diplomatic.’

But that’s not truly my reasoning, either. I’m being mindful of my environment, which I see as being defined by the fact that I am a citizen of Earth…which is a realm so much larger than one mere country.

Now…considering that I write science fiction, I am more accurately a citizen of a realm so much larger than one mere planet.

Regardless of my logic, people are going to call the games whatever they want to call them, and I’m probably going to confuse people when I keep switching from ‘soccer’ to ‘football’ to ‘American football’ to ‘soccer’…etc. But, the only important thing that matters is: do we enjoy any of these games?

I definitely do. And, with my increasing fanaticism with Global rules football, I have an entire planet of leagues and teams to entertain me.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Smashwords Discontinues Distribution Relationship with Flipkart

I’m posting this for those who like to keep track of what’s going on in the publishing world. It somewhat affects me, since my Smashwords-published e-books are distributed to Flipkart. Although…looking at my sales page, I see that I’ve not sold one story via Flipkart. I will, though, miss the potential of sales from that outlet.

Smashwords founder Mark Coker believes this event is a victory for Amazon and a continuation of the erosion for the indie authors’ future options. Read his blog post…

Smashwords and Flipkart to End Distribution Relationship – Amazon Scores Victory

…and draw your own conclusion.

As I’ve said before, I like the potential of many outlets for my stories. While Flipkart’s inability to follow through with their contractual agreement removes one of those potential outlets from my field of play, I’m concerned there will be many more potential markets taken away from me…and other indie authors just like me.

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Because They’re There

There are a number of libraries within striking distance of where I live. I visit one of them at least once a week for no other reason than they’re there.

“Why do we even need libraries anymore?” is one of the dumbest questions a person can speak out loud. Simple as that.

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