PUBLISHED – Sacred Time

I'm happy to introduce my latest science fiction story, "Sacred Time."

Both Rob and his girlfriend had the ability to change time around them. Her attempts nearly killed her. His attempts came in the form of finding her a cure, while neglecting his own condition. On the day his talents sent him to the end of life on Earth, he learned how important it was to spend his time--and caring--on himself. Of course, somebody from the future wanted the exact opposite.

For those who think the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from Annapolis to the Maryland eastern shore is the scariest bridge they’ve ever driven across, you might be unhappy to know that I had a lot of fun making it worse in “Sacred Time.”

You might have noticed that this is the second story in the Some Other Time series. Yeah, I published this one out of order. The first story is sort of on the way. 

Click the link below to get to the story!

Thanx in advance!

About Steve 46th

I like creating things. I draw energy and passion from music. I enjoy solving puzzles and mysteries. I would be quite happy spending the rest of my life playing games with words for the enjoyment of others.
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