What Is Up

Haven’t done one of these in a while, so here is an update on what I’m working on and what is on the way.

Ten Young Adult Novellas…Because Apparently Nine Weren’t Enough
This is where the bulk of my writing time has gone lately. Six of the stories are completely done. Story seven is slated for a consistency read. Story eight is currently being written. Stories nine and ten are currently being fitted for guest characters, story arcs, and their order of events.

A Series ‘Part One’ Story…Which Seems Like A Good Idea Considering ‘Part Two’ Has Already Been Published
This past December, I published a 16K word story called Sacred Time, book two of my Earth-based science fiction series called Some Other Time. Book two. So, it occurred to me (weird how that works) I should finally publish book one of that series.

A Video Channel…Because It’s Fun!
Yep! I’m doing this. I’m currently in my R&D phase of this project, so I don’t have too many details to share, other than what I have worked out so far has made me happy.

Music…Since It’s Been Way Too Long Since I’ve Done This!
…and I’m not kidding about how long I’ve been absent from playing. To put it bluntly, my keyboard and bass guitar chops have each suffered horrible cases of atrophied. Which reminds me…my apologies to everyone living under my roof (and I probably should extend this to my neighbors) for being subjected to my practice sessions. How this relates to my writing exploits is simple: I plan to supply my own music to the video channel. Oh…I might even make an attempt at recording a few of my original songs.

All of this should keep me busy for a while.

About Steve 46th

I like creating things. I draw energy and passion from music. I enjoy solving puzzles and mysteries. I would be quite happy spending the rest of my life playing games with words for the enjoyment of others.
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