College Park, Maryland USA native Steve Husk is a dad, a security control center officer and web applications developer, and a fiction writer.

Living in a Writer’s Paradise

Good. I got the obligatory third-person basics out of the way. Here’s how I got to this point…

I spent the summer between 9th and 10th grades searching the known galaxy for something that would assist me in making sense out of life…for some interaction with life that would bring me happiness…for some grand event or revelation that would explain everything I wasn’t able to figure out on my own.

It took me almost the entire summer, but that ‘grand event’ finally found its way to me.

Actually…all that really happened was that I participated in a goof-ball air band skit at a youth group retreat. I cringe even now when I think back to it.

Yet, when the laughter and the adrenaline faded, my mind kicked in with the same question over and over: what would things be like if that thrown-together-at-the-last-second air band was actually a real band?

Fat chance. As far as I knew, I was the only one in the group who actually played an instrument. Still…this was an intriguing and potentially entertaining scenario, and I wanted to explore it whether it would happen in ‘real life’ or not. So, I spent the rest of the summer—the rest of that year!—writing stories based on the imagined reality that all five of us played. And, when I ran out of music-related ideas, I picked new subjects to write about. Sometimes, I invented my own subjects.

I’ve found many things to do in life since that time, but writing stories has always been with me. Sometime, the writing was for fun. Sometimes, it was therapeutic. Sometimes, though, it was for the same reason that got me started with writing in the first place: there were things that I saw, or heard, or were apart of, or outright imagined, that I wanted to explore through words.

I suspect that will never change with me.

Which is fine with me.

Thanx for checking out my writing mind.



3 Responses to ABOUT

  1. Great story. May I include it in the book I’m working on where real people who write share about writing. It’s to inspire people to write. It’s very visual with pictures of writing spaces and tools. So far 100 people are part of it and I’d love to include this story.
    Your name, age and location will be included and all credit goes to you.
    All good if you want to decline, just thought I’d check.
    Kind regards, JD

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