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I like creating things. I draw energy and passion from music. I enjoy solving puzzles and mysteries. I would be quite happy spending the rest of my life playing games with words for the enjoyment of others.

Random Bouts of Randomism

Every summer, just before the new school season starts up, a major retailer sells the old school 100-page marble notebooks for 50 cents each. I’ve been known to grab a handful of them each time I shop. Currently, I have … Continue reading

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When Characters Talk Back

It’s a known issue I like to work on multiple stories at any given time. What should be inherently expected from that practice is some of those stories fall through the cracks for unfortunate amounts of time…which means some of … Continue reading

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Sportsistically Inclined

Simply put, I like watching sporting events. I’d prefer to play sports, but apparently my parents ran out of money when it came time to order me the appropriate athletic ability genes. Check out what I’m into right now: Teams … Continue reading

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Steve’s Sonic 12-Pack – Iron Maiden

Yeah, I know it’s been four months since I’ve posted a Sonic 12-Pack. It’s not that I lost interest in the series. Actually, I’ve been piecing together multiple lists. But, as it seems way too often, I became pre-occupied with … Continue reading

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Not wanting all my characters to ‘sound’ like each other is always a challenge worth accepting. And, because I also do not want the entire cast of my stories coming across as behavioral clones of me, I make the effort … Continue reading

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LINK – Discrimination in the Writing World

This was one of the last topics I ever wanted to see. We’ve got more than enough discrimination in the ‘real’ world as it is. I’m bummed to see it has also invaded a realm I go to for a … Continue reading

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Camp NaNoWriMo July 2018 – Victorious Failures

Congratulations to all the writers, whether professional, aspiring, or recreational, who completed this year’s Camp NaNoWriMo challenge! Granted, there is still time left in this, the last day of camp, so, if you’ve not reached the word count goal yet … Continue reading

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