It occurred to me (after somebody else mentioned it) that I have several web presences that some people don’t even know exist.

That’s an easily correctable issue. Behold my list of links…

This is my main writing blog. This site also contains a link to my Bookshelf, a list of all my published works.

I also have a writing presence on Facebook. This is not necessarily a mirror to the writing-related information I post on Bloggathah; I am notorious for posting different content on all my different sites, so check here periodically as well.

I have self-published several of my stories in electronic form. They reside in a great many other places throughout cyberspace, and Smashwords is the company I go through for that beneficial level of distribution.

Amazon is another great way for me to distribute my e-books.

This site was originally created to accommodate my software development life. Of course, shortly after it went on line, I switched to working security.

Check back often, just in case I go on another career changing spree.


Last Updated: Sunday, October 23, 2016


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