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Books of Influence – Baseball is a Funny Game

Welcome back to my Books of Influence series. Even though I’m essentially still at the beginning of this chronicle (elementary school), I’ve enjoyed wandering back into the past to see exactly what effect literature had on the way I interpret … Continue reading

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What I’m Watching…When I Can Watch

With my malfunctioning back and the debilitating muscle spasms that have come along for the ride, it has been too uncomfortable this past month to sit to watch my favorite sports teams. Writer’s note: It just now occurred to me … Continue reading

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Sportsistically Inclined

Simply put, I like watching sporting events. I’d prefer to play sports, but apparently my parents ran out of money when it came time to order me the appropriate athletic ability genes. Check out what I’m into right now: Teams … Continue reading

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I Find Myself…

Here are a few things I find myself doing and/or thinking and/or feeling these days… With no more hockey until October, I find myself watching a lot of global rules football (my personal name for the sport), a.k.a. soccer (my … Continue reading

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