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ANNOUNCEMENT – Steve’s Storytime Sanctum has been launched

I am exceedingly happy to introduce my new video channel – Steve’s Storytime Sanctum! This is where I will introduce you to my latest story publications, catch you up on stories that were published before the Storytime Sanctum was launched, … Continue reading

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Rear View Mirror – May 2023

This month of May did not work out anywhere close to the way I was expecting and/or hoping. Several real-world distractions and issues requiring my attention got in the way, but most of the deviation from my intended flight pattern … Continue reading

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Rear View Mirror – March 2023

March was so busy for me, I probably don’t remember everything I did. I’m still debating whether that is a good thing or a bad thing. PUBLISHED – “All the Time in the World”Getting this novella published was special for … Continue reading

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PUBLISHED – All the Time in the World

I’ve always liked this title. So, it makes sense to me that, at a subconscious level, this might be the reason I expended so much time getting this one ready to market. Would anyone know this is not the life … Continue reading

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Books of Influence – Illusions

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What Is Up

Haven’t done one of these in a while, so here is an update on what I’m working on and what is on the way. Ten Young Adult Novellas…Because Apparently Nine Weren’t Enough This is where the bulk of my writing … Continue reading

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PUBLISHED – Sacred Time

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Exiting 2021 – Music For Medicinal Purposes

This is post 2 of 3 where I share bands and tunes I discovered in 2021 while the live music venues across the country were still trying to figure out if the COVID virus was lightening up enough for them … Continue reading

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Entering 2022

We’re already almost all the way through February, so I might as well post this collection of thoughts now. Actually, all I really wanted was to find a reason to use this cool 2022 meme. Unfortunately, way too many people … Continue reading

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Six Things

In a random conversation at work centering on social media, we recounted all of the ‘audience participation’ events ever offered: “Post the second photo on your phone”…“The color shirt you’re wearing now, plus the last thing you ate, equals your … Continue reading

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