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Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat.

This is how I roll in writing and in life. Accounts for the multiple mistakes I’ve made over the decades. Also accounts for the things I know. And the things I will soon learn. And write about. Advertisements

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When It Comes Time

If it weren’t for all the roadblocks and distraction that keep crash landing into me, I’d have so much more time and attention to write. But, of course, it’s the obstacle course of life itself that gives so many artists … Continue reading

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My writing output as of late has tapered off more than I wanted it to. Naturally, I want to know why, so I make the effort to account for my time and my actions. I’m working extra control center shifts … Continue reading

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There are a number of libraries within striking distance of where I live. I visit one of them at least once a week for no other reason than they exist. I’m often looking for a change of pace / scenery … Continue reading

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Upcoming Workload…With Good Intentions

What I tell myself I want to work on and what I actually work on are almost always two different things, but let’s have a go at it anyway. 1) Just when I thought I was finished building an alien … Continue reading

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LINK: Someone Said Science Fiction Might Be On Its Way Out

I still hear this comment from time to time: is science fiction on its way out? This claim almost always causes me to pause. No doubt, the bulk of my mental reaction is out of defensiveness, especially considering that I … Continue reading

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Feels Good

After long last, and after way too many obstacles and blindsides, I’ve returned to a more active writing lifestyle. Yeah, it feels good to be back. But, why did I stop? What was I doing all this time? What derailed … Continue reading

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