As of Saturday, September 8, 2018

Back Nine:
I’ve put away the art tools, and am now working on the story itself. Oh…and I’ve also been researching possible artists for the cover art.

Metzgerhund Empire (young adult novel):
I knew there were a few changes in direction I wanted to establish for this story, and I’m still working on them. I will say, though…I really like where this story is heading.

Battle of Fort Cappello (novel):
This is the manuscript I wrote using pen and a notebook during the November 2017 NaNoWriMo. Although my primary task right now is to finish the character sketches, I’ve transcribed some of the passages as a way to reconnect to the vibe I was writing in at that time; this reminds me of what I wanted the characters to be like.

World Building Exploits
I recently resumed work on the planetary maps. I’m making all kinds of mistakes with them, but I learn something valuable each time, so I’m still happy with my progress.

I have one science fiction short story that’s currently looking for a good home.

“Top Notch” (Metzgerhund Retreat series) is available on, among other places.

“Oracle of Sentry Ridge” (Metzgerhund Retreat series) is available on, among other places.

“Alternate Ending” is live on Every Day Fiction.

As always, check my Book Shelf to find out everywhere my stories are sold.


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