As of Thursday, December 13, 2018

Sacred Time (science fiction short story):
I have the scientific ending. I have the ‘theme’ ending. I’m currently merging the two together to create a seamless experience that will still deliver the individual strengths of each.

Metzgerhund Empire (young adult novel):
I’m currently tightening up the recently enhanced order of events, and adding new content as ideas come to me.

Battle of Fort Cappello (novel):
This is the manuscript I wrote using pen and a notebook during the November 2017 NaNoWriMo. Although my primary task right now is to finish the character sketches, I’ve transcribed some of the passages as a way to reconnect to the vibe I was writing in at that time; this reminds me of what I wanted the characters to be like.

Back Nine (mainstream-ish short story):
Work on this story still moves slowly, but I wasn’t expecting to release it until next spring’s golf season anyway, so there is no rush.

World Building Exploits
This task just got a lot more fun. I’ve expanded my efforts to include work on one of my higher dimensional aliens, and I’m also making major progress on the planets of species in our dimension.

I have a science fiction novella that is currently looking for a good home. I hope to have two others ready for submission by the end of December.

“Top Notch” (Metzgerhund Retreat series) is available on, among other places.

“Oracle of Sentry Ridge” (Metzgerhund Retreat series) is available on, among other places.

“Alternate Ending” is live on Every Day Fiction.

As always, check my Book Shelf to find out everywhere my stories are sold.


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