As of Sunday, March 11, 2018

(unnamed science fiction short story):
This story is about the thoughts we have that won’t let us forget about them. I haven’t written many actual scenes, but have been spending my brain wattage creating the ‘rules and conditions’ by which these thoughts exist. I’m nearly finished with that task, and am looking forward to putting these rules to the test by way of writing interactive scenes.

World Building Exploits
This is where the bulk of my work has been exerted the past several weeks. This should sound familiar to anyone else who has done this sort of thing…just as I’ve got one aspect of my new world exactly as I like it, other ideas make themselves known, and I find myself wanting to develop and incorporate them as well. Yeah, this may take a while.

The last of my current submissions was recently declined. so I currently have no stories in submission circulation. I do have two stories that are ready for submission, but I want to put them through the beta reading phase first.

“Top Notch” (Metzgerhund Retreat series) is available on, among other places.

“Oracle of Sentry Ridge” (Metzgerhund Retreat series) is available on, among other places.

“Alternate Ending” is live on Every Day Fiction.

As always, check my Book Shelf to find out everywhere my stories are sold.


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