As of Sunday, May 13, 2018

(unnamed NaNoWriMo novel):
This is the manuscript I penned during last year’s NaNoWriMo. I’m currently fleshing out the characters (giving them an upgrade from their original versions), and making sense of the story’s order of events (which is something I obviously couldn’t be bothered while writing the original version).

(unnamed science fiction short story #1):
This story is about the thoughts we have that won’t let us forget about them. I’m working on the second round of the ‘rules and conditions’ by which the ‘thought’ entities exist. Early verdict: I don’t like them much better than I did the first round’s efforts.

(unnamed science fiction short story #2):
I seem to written myself into a corner. This one will probably take longer than I expected.

World Building Exploits
I’m currently working on land masses for two of my primary home planets. I wasn’t expecting this to take up so much of my world building time, but I’m having too much fun with it.

One of my science fiction short stories has just been Beta read. The review was favorable. I’m currently looking for more Beta readers to read this story, then I’ll make my decisions about how to adjust it.

“Top Notch” (Metzgerhund Retreat series) is available on, among other places.

“Oracle of Sentry Ridge” (Metzgerhund Retreat series) is available on, among other places.

“Alternate Ending” is live on Every Day Fiction.

As always, check my Book Shelf to find out everywhere my stories are sold.


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